My name is Angus, I’m a car MAD Englishman. I live in France and am currently studying chemistry at Toulouse university. Since I was a child, I’ve always loved looking at cars.

For a few years now, I’ve been getting into taking pictures of cars I see with my Nikon D3200. Only recently have I been editing my photos more intensively using “GIMP”. Before that, I was using the Instagram editor to modify lighting. I have an Instagram page (angusmartin1) that I have been posting my pictures on for many years now, and I recently started a Facebook page (AngusMartinphotos).

Living in Toulouse, I have the opportunity of going to multiple car events, such as car meets, motor shows, and simply visiting dealerships.

On this blog, I plan on posting about:

  • any motoring event I attend.
  • news in the motor industry I find interesting.
  • previews or reviews of motorsport events I watch, such as, Formula 1, Blancpain GT, Le Mans, and any event I attend.
  • fun things on cars I drive or come across. At the moment I drive a 1st generation Renault Twingo.
  • looking for a new car if I start looking properly instead of looking through all the websites at ridiculously expensive cars I can’t afford!!

I hope people will find and be interested in what I have to talk about, and may even enjoy reading it!